Once in the classroom, then, the teacher must implement a series of strategies for conducting class dynamics , ranging from the use of voice to non-verbal communication, to mastering the situation. And pay adequate attention to the management of what Paolo Ragusa , vice president and manager of the educational activities of the Psycho-pedagogical Center for education and conflict management, calls “social incompetence” .

“It should not be assumed that, just because they are in a class, all children are capable of being in a group. Whoever disturbs is often a social incompetent. Many are sheltered from a group context, have a parent of their own and are therefore inclined to bully the adult. In a class group, then, the first thing they do is look for the adult to bully and often the teacher makes the mistake of creating exclusive relationships ».

According to Ragusa, in fact, the teacher makes a mistake when he puts a disturbing child next to him : “He collects his request for exclusivity and does not allow him to learn to be with others”. Instead, let him work first with a partner and then place him in a larger group: “Social competence must be progressively built. Thus the child learns to live with the limits that the other person places, while the teacher manages times and ways of working “.


In the era in which we are all immersed in new technologies , it is unthinkable to rely solely on traditional teaching made up of lectures, interrogations and home study.

Sometimes, as Oliverio Ferraris argues, “a situation of chaos in the classroom also depends on inadequate teaching”. Therefore, the teacher must be ready to question the way he teaches . If the students have changed a lot, maybe the school is still not enough. This does not mean the go-ahead for a totally digital education: “Welcome the new, but every means must be regulated” says Ragusa. «Learning is not a transmissive fact, it is the result of a relationship, both with the teacher and with the class group. In digital teaching, in which the student is alone with his tablet , this relationship disappears “.