Budding artists in Melbourne often wonder about the essential art supplies they need to have to start their painting or drawing journey. The huge amount of art supplies offered from various art supply stores, Melbourne can often overwhelm rather than enlighten.

It’s best for beginners to start from basic but essential art supplies than opting for high-end art products. Not only will it be an inexpensive way; it is also a great way to start.

With this said, what are the essential art supplies a beginner needs to get from art supply stores, Melbourne?

Graphite Drawing Pencils

Everything about drawing and sketching needs to use graphite pencils. The pencils are available in sets or individually. Assorted pencil types are with the sets, making it the best choice for budding artists.

Shading and drawing are two different tasks that need different types of pencils. Graphite pencils with an “H” are best to make lighter lines while darker lines are best achieved by pencils with a “B”.

Pencil Sharpener

Keeping your pencils sharp is always best and using an art pencil sharpener is the only way to ensure so. A hand-held metal sharpener is the best choice. It is not only easy to use but also lets you see the tip of the pencil as it is sharpened. This prevents broken pencil tips and over-sharpening.


Your art journey has to start somewhere and the sketchbook provides that. The sketchbook should actually head the list when you are drawing on your own or taking an art class.

Using the sketchbook to practice drawing and shading, in the beginning, is always good even when your interests veer towards painting. Planning a painting is best done on a sketchbook before anything else.


Any type of drawing straight lines, or structures, or horizon lines needs the help of a ruler. The best choices are rulers made of either anodised aluminium or stainless steel.

Rulers called “cork-back” are preferred by some artists because they stay put on canvas or paper. However, keeping rulers clean is easier when they are made of stainless steel or anodised aluminium.

Kneaded eraser

An eraser is another essential tool for any new or seasoned artist. However, not just any type of eraser will do. Removing pencil marks without residues or damages is achieved by the kneaded eraser.

The eraser is aptly named for it can be “kneaded” into various forms and shapes. This outstanding benefit allows you to erase both small and large areas without fear of damaging the paper.

Watercolour Paint Set

Learning to paint can start with using watercolours. No clean-ups are needed with the water-based watercolour paints, making it an ideal choice for beginner artists.

A transparent watercolour paint set featuring eight to twelve colours is highly recommended for beginners. The sheer appearance of transparent paints is their best feature.

There are three kinds of transparent watercolour paints, including:

  • Opaque
  • Transparent or sheer
  • Semi-opaque

Acrylic Paints

A beginner can also opt for acrylic paints. Heavy-body acrylics are best for beginners. It is because heavier brushstrokes of the paint are easily thinned out with water, creating a smoother look to the painting.

The art supplies discussed in this article are readily available in various art supply stores in Melbourne.