It is rarely an easy decision to make whether to take your child to a boarding school or a day school. There are mixed reactions on whether boarding schools are better than day schools. If you are in the spotlight of choosing whether to take your child to a day school or a boarding school, we understand the dilemma involved; here are a few pros and cons for you to weigh before settling on a decision. Here we have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of taking your child to day school or a boarding school.

Boarding school pros

All-around education and development: In boarding schools, learning never stops, and the child’s overall development is seamless. Your child is fully immersed in matters of education. And even when outside classes, children learn vital life skills that are not possible if they come home after school every day.

Extracurricular activities: Extracurricular activities in boarding schools are more intensive than in day schools. Your child will be exposed to numerous opportunities to nurture as hobbies, thereby developing essential life skills valuable in the real world.

Social life: Children in boarding schools find new friends and learn to mingle with different people from different backgrounds and cultures. A boarding school is a good option for kids who don’t have siblings back at home.

Improve family relationships: When children go to boarding schools, their relationship with their parents improves, contrary to what many people think. Because you see each other less often, when that opportunity comes during holidays, the relationship is strong because nobody often gets into each other’s feet.

Fosters independence: Children going to a boarding school cultivate the culture of self-reliance and sets them to the idea of staying far from home. It makes their transition in the educational journey easy.

No time wasted commuting from home to school: The time spent on the road to and from school eats into valuable study time. When they are in a boarding school, they get plenty of time to study.

A relief for busy parents: Boarding school is a perfect relief for working parents. Preparing your children every day for school can be time-consuming for already busy parents.

Boarding school cons

Boarding schools can be the perfect choice for many, but some prefer day school to boarding school, sighting their views on the matter. Here are some cons of taking your child to a boarding school.

Parents are less involved in bringing up their children: A larger percentage of children are spent with teachers in school. It means as a parent, you are relinquishing the responsibilities of bringing up your child to someone else.

Homesickness: At some point, your child will face homesickness, and without proper guidance, it can have far-reaching effects on the overall child development.

Costly: Boarding schools are significantly expensive. For an average income earner, you might find yourself struggling to pay school fees to take your child to a boarding school.

Quick overview of day schools

Parents get to see their children every day, and the school fees are much cheaper than boarding schools. However, day school demands your attention in preparing your child for school every morning. So which is the best option? If money is not an issue, let them go to a boarding school. And if you struggle to make ends meet, why not day school!